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Hi, my dear user of our beautiful site
You probably think that there are a lot of advertisements on the site and how tired of it is?
We will not ask you to donate to us so that there is no advertising. We just want to say that we don't make money from it. All these pop-ups are not our doing, advertising in the player (native) is not us either. WE DO NOT EARN ON THIS ADVERTISING.
I'll try to explain!
We do not upload films and series to our hosting - this is prohibited by law. We use a ready-made service provided by the server and we give it to you in a beautiful way. All the money from advertising that they earn - they take for themselves, we don't even have a percentage.
We want to make sure there are fewer ads, but for this we need to upload movies and series to a free video hosting site, where there will also be ads, but it can be turned off thanks to a paid subscription.
And we also need an extension! We need more people who can upload movies, and they need to pay money to work, which at the moment we cannot afford without you!
If you like our site and want, like me, to make it more attractive, then I ask you to help us.
Unfortunately, we do not have access to ordinary tools, such as paypal, etc., because in any case we are breaking the law (although we do not think so)
Therefore, here are our wallets where you can send your money, thanks!