Laurence Fishburne attends a wizarding school

122887 0 14.03.2021

Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Yeoh joined the cast of The School for Good and Evil, which is the adaptation of Shoman Chainani's bestselling novel of the same name. The director's chair of the project is Paul Feig, and David Magee (Fairyland) was in charge of the script. Earlier, Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Sophia Ann Caruso and Sophia Wiley also signed their contracts for participation in the filming of the tape.

In the center of the plot of the novel are two girlfriends, Sophie (Caruso) and Agatha (Wiley), who went to school, where the most ordinary boys and girls become magical heroes and villains. Sophie wants to be among the beautiful princes and princesses as soon as possible and is not at all worried about the distribution: she is sure that her place is at the Faculty of Good. At the same time, her best friend, the gloomy and unsociable Agatha, the owner of a vicious cat, looks like an ideal candidate for the villainess. However, fate will play a cruel joke on them, and it remains to be seen whether their friendship will pass the test of strength.

Fishburne is well known to moviegoers from the Matrix and John Wick franchises, and Yeoh has starred in box office hits like Crazy Rich Asians and Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2".