Batgirl and Zatanna got their way

133261 0 14.03.2021

AT&T held an investor presentation that revealed a list of DC comics projects planned by Warner Bros. for the next few years. Film and TV lovers have already heard about most of them, but a couple of names nevertheless became news for journalists.

First, the WB management has officially confirmed that Batgirl's solo album is in the works. Barbara Gordon's path to the big screens has been long and thorny. Once upon a time, Joss Whedon was involved in the project, but he did not have a good idea for the film. Subsequently, Christina Hodson ("Birds of Prey: The Fantastic Story of Harley Quinn") took on the script for the film comics, and, probably, it was her version that moved into the active stage of development.

Secondly, Zatanna's name dawned on the horizon. A powerful witch and magician who is an integral part of the Dark Justice League, she was casually mentioned last summer as one of the potential candidates for a solo project for HBO Max. Apparently, WB will devote a series to Zatanna, but he has not yet acquired a director or screenwriter.

The next representative of the large-scale DC universe, which will reach the screens, will be the "Justice League of Zach Snyder." It will air on HBO Max on March 18th.