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This movie manages to be incongruous and its characters are very irritating.The script of this film is very bad, nothing is ever resolved, conflicts are created in a very stupid way, the main character is supposed to be a psychologist, but she cannot analyze the reason for her sons behavior, because if she did, there would be no film, there is no development of anything, the character of the son is very irritating since he is selfish, rude and very bad mannered, one thing is to be a teenager and not control your emotions and another thing is to be selfish with your own mother, I think that there are some characters that dont contribute anything to the story, just as there are situations that dont contribute anything either. The performances are not very good, they only stand out when there is some emotional breakdown, the format of handling two languages in the original version is very unnecessary. The movie ends very abruptly, without resolving the main conflict, the movie also tries to be funny but it is not.It is a somewhat emotional comedy that never convinces its poorly developed story, just as its selfish characters do not convince, leading it to go unnoticed and turning it into just another bad movie.

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