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Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett must face off against a mother-and-son pair of drug lords who wreak vengeful havoc on their city.

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Movie review

Bad grandfathers.
Bad olds, bad olds, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they fart on you.

The retirement movie trend of pulling old franchises off the shelves is not new. What is the last Rambo worth, a harsh action movie with a dramatic plot, but not perceived in any way when you see powdered Stallone after plastic surgery with painted eyebrows. It's the same here, older African Americans are trying to remember how they ran through the streets of Miami 25 years ago. 25!

The first part of the bad guys is a great movie, the second is also not bad. But this. Of course, Martin Lawresna's comedic talent was very handy to draw out some scenes, which is mainly what I liked about the film. The soap opera storyline is far-fetched. Will Smith forgive me for referring to the ears. They also dragged some witch. Yes, if back in 1995, Michael Larry had been told that when he was young he played tricks with a witch in some jungle and then ran away from their secret son, he would be very surprised. Well, the cliché old stars plus a young team of unknown actors are no longer surprising. The entire budget went to the elderly.

And how sad the captain of the bad guys looks, this is a separate bold stroke on the canvas of this masterpiece. Only Luke Skywalker looked sadder in the last Star Wars. In the eyes of both it was read, but leave me alone, but only the fee made them move their legs and lips a little. Oh yes, watching Will Smith runs after a kid in a motorcycle helmet across the rooftops, the thought somewhere I saw it did not leave. Gemini, exactly.

But if you don't grumble, not a bad action movie.

8 out of 10

For nostalgia.

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