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When the world's best spy is turned into a pigeon, he must rely on his nerdy tech officer to save the world.

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Movie review

pigeons fly
When you see those bulging eyes and awkward, but memorable forms of characters, you immediately understand: in front of you is another product of the Blue Sky studio ('Ice Age', 'Rio').

Camouflage and espionage from this studio is something that you definitely did not expect, but your children have already fallen in love in absentia. Perhaps because the studio does not change itself and generously gives both pleasant and exciting and extremely uncomfortable moments.

So, before us is a parody of Bondiana for the little ones. A kind of 'Austin Powers', only even more caricatured than a cartoon for a family audience, in general, even needs.

Lance Sterling, a bond-like special agent who flawlessly solves any task to catch villains, is trapped. And the only one who can help him is 'weirdo' Walter, who invents the most ridiculous but effective gadgets.

Yes, 'Camouflage and Espionage' is a typical buddy movie in which a child and an adult will not be bored, and fun and entertainment is the main thing in this and similar works.

The most interesting thing is that the roots of such a parody of Bond and 'mission impossible' sprout from a short film already twelve years ago. It was called 'Dove: Mission Impossible'. There, the bird caused real chaos in the streets of the city, clicking with its beak on a large red button in a spy case.

The pigeons in the new work Blue Sky are also available, but how exactly - you will find out in the movies. I can only say one thing: the birds in this film are the source of the most unfunny gags. There are not so many of them, but without a spoonful of bad (to the taste of an adult) jokes, the cartoon would probably not have worked.

It is much more interesting to watch the running of our Bond and Kew. The characters compliment each other wonderfully, and they are literally copied from the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland in the original.

Camouflage and Espionage is a conceptually interesting studio work that can be watched with great interest by the whole family. Blue Sky knows their audience very well and, albeit a little bit, are secondary in their gags, but nevertheless maintain interest in the film until the last frame.

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