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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
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About the movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Follow-up film to the 2006 comedy centering on the real-life adventures of a fictional Kazakh television journalist named Borat.

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Movie review

The Return of Borat!
My brain just exploded when I learned that Sasha Baron Cohen was planning to shoot the second part of the legendary 'Borat'. While watching the first part, I laughed until my eyes darkened, despite the rather vulgar and stupid humor, the film remained in my heart, largely thanks to the Russian dubbing by Andrey Sidelnikov.

Today, October 23rd, I watched a film titled: 'Borat: A Gift from a Pornographic Monkey to Deputy Prime Minister Michael Pence Will Benefit The Newly Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan' and damn it, it turned out as good as the original! Contrary to all opinions that sequels or direct sequels to films are complete nonsense, Borat 2 does not look like that against their background. Yes, one can argue about the need for this product, in fact, there shouldn't have been a continuation, but the situation in the world gave such a good impetus for the development of the plot. COVID-19, the US elections - this is the basis on which the entire storyline of this film is built. This time, Borat appears before us as a loser father, who in the course of the film realizes that he is wrong in relation to his daughter and, despite the misconceptions that women have no rights, and generally exist only for procreation, Borat changes his views on life and becomes a caring and loving father. The film itself looks very easy, sometimes even touching. The only thing that confused me was the scenes that were shown in the trailers, but for some reason were absent in the film itself.

The humor, for me, has become even more aggressive, especially with today's problems in the States. This is a rather risky step, which Sasha Baron Cohen took without even thinking about the consequences, what can I say, for this we love him. The very line of abomination, on which Borat really loves to walk, was also sustained ... special thanks for this! I will not spoil the plot, especially so that it would be more interesting for you to watch because every joke or any action has an important role in the formation of satire.

I advise absolutely everyone to get acquainted with this film, you will not regret it ...

9 out of 10

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