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The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)
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About the movie The Broken Hearts Gallery

After a break-up, a young woman decides to start a gallery where people can leave trinkets from past relationships.

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Movie review

Very progressive cinema with a very weak script
It would seem that Power Rangers simply cannot be worse. But no, maybe, and how.

Looked at the Gallery of Broken Hearts. Hug and cry. Just hug and cry.

The main character is supposed to represent liveliness and spontaneity, but in truth, she looks silly and irresponsible.

Getting a job of your dreams, getting drunk at the first event like a shoemaker, soaking up the trick of losing your job - does it look like a heroine of our time?

A bright glossy picture does not go well with attempts to play with enlightenment and open-mindedness. Body positivity, feminism, racial diversity - mix, not stir.

Don't get me wrong, these are all good, right things. But the implementation is not to hell.

To take on the leading roles of very slender and very beautiful actors, make them slightly gain weight for filming. Not too much, but so that they look a little plump in the frame. Moreover, choose angles so that in every second scene the second chin is visible. The second chin is very important, because it is with its help that actors reveal their characters and express the whole range of emotions. And the eyes? Who needs them, the right word. Oh yes, for the role of antagonists (conditional, because there are no really negative characters here, thanks to the scriptwriters at least for that) or just characters with dubious morals, one should take very slender actors with a model appearance. To make sure everything is clear. Slender and successful dreamers are bad, fat and ridiculous dreamers are good. Dot.

The approach to racial diversity is also controversial. The former heroines are all as one - Indians, like her. All this relationship ended sadly, and then she meets a white guy, and ta-dame, with him everything finally turns out as it should, the guy loves and appreciates her. The message - do not limit yourself to the representatives of your ethnic group - is read once or twice. Is he good? Yes, absolutely. But the fact that the viewer sees how the message is formed is very bad. This is a blatant hack.

Feminism? You are welcome. A casual passer-by sees the skirmish of the main characters on the street. She swoops in on the guy with the question: did you hit her? And when the heroine tries to dissuade her, she says in response, they say, darling, being a woman is like living in a film all day and night, where no one believes you, but today it will be different. We'll beat him today. And skipping runs after the hero, trying to hit him on the head with a bag.

Still Feminism? Probably. But somehow very sad.

The actors are very nice, but they all understand well what they signed up for and play, like in KVN, and only Dacre behaves as if they have a normal movie here, and not a fluff rom-com a la Bridget Jones. This is probably a little awkward to look at.

In general, I do not even recommend it for one time. Better watch When Harry Met Sally, Love and Other Drugs, or Friends with Privileges if you want something more modern. And this film is in the furnace. No cats save him.


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