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About the movie Mulan

A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father.

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Movie review

I waited so much ... but did not wait.
Whenever I see such films, I ask myself:

- Why not shoot like according to the legend?

Why misinterpret a ready-made plot? History, culture, the consciousness of millions of people?

Yes, there are pluses in the film: landscapes, absence of cruelty, vulgarity, moderate humor, and, most importantly, the absence of an African American blue Chinese (and I was waiting for his appearance ... thank God I did not wait, thank you).

But the film lacked only a couple of points:

1) More beauty for the eyes: landscapes, beautiful fighting style (not to be confused with action, blood, and explosions), sparkling humor.

2) Mulan has never revealed that she is a woman, and in the film, she reveals at the first battle.

But still, I give a grade of 5

And I chose the neutral type of review, because ... although I wanted more beauty and colors, what I saw was enough not to put the type of review negative.

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I realy love the features of the movie

Divine(January 21, 2021)