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Based on the 2014 romance novel of the same name, this follows the love life of two young adults.

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Movie review

An emotional teenage story about first true love and growing up

I decided to get acquainted with the (still) dilogy "After". The films are based on the novels of the same name by Anna Todd. I must say right away that I have not read books, so I do not compare. What are the films about? The main character, Tessa, enters college, where a new chapter of her life begins - a separate life from a meticulous mother, new friends who are much freer than she is used to, and a new bad guy, on whom half of the college hangs up. Quite a hackneyed plot, we have already seen something similar in "Three meters above the sky", something in "50 shades of gray" (the second part is especially good in this regard), but on the whole, the plot was quite self-sufficient.

In the life of each of the main characters there is a set of psychological problems, family secrets and as yet unfulfilled desires. Observing their life is quite interesting, although the plot is, of course, more for teenagers - they will have someone to identify with, but I was interested in remembering something from my school and university past. We all were like that - we learned to build our first relationships, learned to defend our boundaries with our parents, observed the environment and made a choice for ourselves - what is permissible for us and what is not, we dreamed of something, we were afraid of something.

The second part came out more adult and lively - here the emphasis smoothly shifts to the relationship of the main characters, to how they try to learn to talk about their feelings, put up after quarrels and truly forgive, trust each other and fight for what is dear. Here, a more interesting antagonist of the main character appears - in the first part, the choice of the heroine was obvious, in the second I waited to see if she would give a new contender a chance for her heart or not. The relationship of the main characters is criticized by many - they say, too immature, too emotional, but what you want is teenagers, albeit a little older. And someone in an older age continues to build the same explosive relationship on the edge. Good or bad, but they are sincere, you believe their feelings, which means it becomes interesting to watch.

As far as I know, the writer has two more books about heroes - after the second part I decided that I would watch the rest of the film adaptations.

8 out of 10

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Inca Dela Peña(January 31, 2021)

Its amazing movie all time my favoriute movie

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Varshaa(December 4, 2020)

Veryy gooddd

Madalina(October 23, 2020)

it will be a pretty good movie

kamaria(October 21, 2020)

South indian movies

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Abstefan(August 16, 2020)


Abstefan(August 16, 2020)

Very excited to watch this movie.

GAURAV SINGH(August 12, 2020)