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The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.

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Farewell to the great master
You know, I would not say in 2008 that director Wilson Ip will be able to direct as many as 4 films about the great master Ip Man. Even okay, 4 films were shot, but everything is at the same good level - this is nonsense. Yes, parts 2 and 3 were much worse than the first picture, but is this to be expected ?! When was the sequel better than the original? ('Terminator 2' doesn't count). But still, for me personally, every film with Donnie Yen was amazing, he so coolly and courageously embodied the image of the legendary mentor on the screen that it gives goosebumps from how it turned out.

In the new and last part, we are told the final segment of his life, when he, having found out about cancer of the larynx, went to the USA in order to place his son in an American school. Of course, it was not without problems. We are shown Ip Man already quite old, almost at the age of 70, although Donnie Yong naturally does not pull at that age, even under makeup. At this age, the master is still strong physically and, most importantly, in spirit. His wisdom with which he gave advice and the calmness with which he met all events, be they good or bad, are simply mesmerizing. And that smile from Donnie Yen with insanely sad eyes ?! I want to laugh and cry at the same time, seeing this pain of Donnie Yen's character, which he as sensitively and confidently carries through all the troubles that happened in him in the States.

Of course, not so much has been taken from the real life of Ip Man, but I think the basic canons still have a place to be. Looking at such a person who, by his own example, shows others how to do and what should be done, one wants to become someone like that, someone who is an irreversible example for the people around him. Become one for a day! And despite all his judgments and the choice of the side of the Gomildan party during the Civil War, the war that led to his oppression, because of which he fled at one time in Macau, his greatness was still recognized, otherwise it could not have been. Yes, this was essentially not mentioned in any part of quadrology, but nevertheless in real life the Ip Man Museum, which opened in 2002 in Foshan, speaks of its recognition.

This picture looks a bit fantastic. In particular, the character of Scott Adkins, a kind of gallant marine, looks very impressive and invincible. Even Iron Mike did not seem like that in the last film, and given that the master in this part is under 70, it is even more difficult to believe in what is happening. But nevertheless, do not forget that this is a fictional, not a biographical film, and the goal of the authors of the picture is to give the audience a vivid spectacle, then they certainly succeeded. Fighting in the film is at a high level, however this tendency is not broken in the first picture. Martial arts in this part become something of a religion, modestly repeating their importance in the world.

One of the big advantages of this part is the presence of the character Bruce Lee. The famous fighter, actor, director and just a person with a capital letter is shown in all its glory, this also applies to a sharp fight in an alley, and just his behavior and determination. People really wanted to follow him, day and night honing the art of kung fu, and all the hatred of the Chinese Association of Martial Arts looks just envy. With regards to the character of Scott Adkins, he is as always cool and dangerous, to which we are already accustomed, constantly observing his roles over the past 15 years. is added. And I note - his negative roles come out more memorable than positive ones. Remember: 'The War of the Wolves', 'Triple Threat', and of course Yuri Boyka from the second 'Indisputable'. Its positive characters are less memorable.

My recommendation is definitely worth a look! The film is no worse than any of the parts about Ip Man, the entertainment has not decreased, and let's leave all the minor flaws on the conscience of the creators of the tape, our business is just to enjoy a good movie!

9 out of 10

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Good movie

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